My Neighbors Lost Their Son And They Tried To Take Me From My Parents


My Neighbors Lost Their Son And They Tried To Take Me From My Parents




My Adoptive Parents Sacrificed Me To Their Real Daughter

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hi, my name is Sophie, I am seventeen years old. I am telling you this story in order to talk to somebody, hoping that this way, I will feel better. Not very long ago, my life was ruined because of my parents. Huh, I am sure that many of you think you could have said the same thing, but my story is a little bit more complicated. The people that crushed my dreams are not related to me. They are my ADOPTIVE parents. Now you might ask yourself a question – why would somebody adopt a stranger into their family and then treat them badly? Honestly – I don't know. I really trusted these people, but they... oh, just listen to how it all began. It all started on my birthday – the very very first! I started at the parking lot near the back entry to a big city hospital. As the video security camera shot it, it was a tall and slender figure, tightly covered in a hooded cloak who brought me there. After that this woman... it seemed to be a woman, but the camera could not really get a good image of her face, so we cannot say for sure... however, she carefully placed me near the entrance and left. This was the part that my biological parents played in my life, the end. The parcel with the baby – meaning me, was quickly discovered by some of the nurses who later gave me my name. After that my life as a wanderer began, and it lasted for as long as fourteen years. In fact, there are many kids like me, but, as with every kid who's always missed out on parental love, I thought that I was the most unhappy of them all, or maybe, the biggest loser. It just happened that none of my foster parents wanted to take full guardianship of me. No, as a whole, I do not regret the time that I have spent with different people… except for maybe one couple who had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. I stayed with them for a very short time and was taken away by social workers, and I think that was a godsend. So, I think that in fourteen years I changed six foster families. Some of them wanted to just help a kid who had found themselves in a difficult situation, and at least for some time, some of them were really thinking of adopting me, but had to abandon these plans due to some life circumstances. Anyway, I changed so many guardians that I learned to avoid any emotional attachment to them. Even though deep inside my heart I wanted to hope that somebody would finally come and become my real parent. And then Mr. and Mrs. Simmons appeared in my life. They are a very likeable couple in their 40s, and they were interested in adopting me. The Simmons owned some small legal services agency, they were neither rich nor poor, they lived in a big, spacious and beautiful house, and they also had their own daughter Gin, who was almost my age. Don't you agree that all of this sounds like a fairy tale?! I could have a real family, a real house, and even a sister who could have become my best friend... What a pity that reality rarely fulfills our dreams. The first three years of my life with this family were more or less normal. I had my own room, I did not really need anything, but I did not have any emotional ties with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons. They turned out to be very calm and even indifferent people. They paid a lot of attention to their work and their house, but were not at all interested forming a deeper relationship with me, or understanding my emotions and feelings. But I think that real parents have to be interested in these things. As a result, the Simmons did not even know that I had a Great Dream until it was too late. You see, I had decided quite a while ago which profession I wanted to choose. I think I was eleven years old at the time when one of my foster parents bought me my first smartphone with a decent camera. From that my passion for photography grew. I will not bore you with the details, I will only say that since that time I have spent all my money in order to get a better camera or to upgrade a lens. My love for photography was not limited to selfies or an Instagram profile, for me it was an art. I was dreaming that I would become a professional photographer, that I would take really artsy pictures, and that I would open my own exhibitions in the best centers around the world. But in order for my dreams to come true, I had to not only polish my professional skills but I also had to study a lot. And I choose a perfect college for myself. This college is very mod, very prestigious and very... expensive. It was a private college, and there were no quotas for kids like me, so I had to have the best grades to get in there. And believe me, I tried very hard! Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Family Set Up Security Cams On Our House. What We Saw Terrified Us

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hey! My name is Tim and here`s my story. Actually, I think it`s pretty funny. Ok. So from the moment we moved into our new house, we waged a war with our neighbors. I don't think it will ever end. And, actually, I hope it never ends! `Cause it makes me really happy! It`s not a real war, we are just messing around with each other. Our neighbors are actually our best friends. Their son – Mike is my classmate and our parents have been friends since high school, and used to always make fun of each other. And now our pranks have reached a whole new level, and we participate in them with our whole family. For example, recently I bought a fake hand at a joke shop. We smeared it in ketchup, and threw it to the neighbor's dog. Imagine how they screamed when the dog brought it into their house! Of course, the next day they responded with another prank. We were watching a movie in the living room, and suddenly firecrackers began to shoot loudly from the fireplace. We were terrified, and we ran out from the house in a panic. And then we saw Mike and his parents laughing at us. Of course it was a joke. Somehow, they dropped firecrackers into our chimney with the help of a drone. Can you imagine? Awesome! Usually after these jokes we have a picnic or a party, where we can relax and have fun. This gives us the opportunity to feel like one big family. But a few days ago, the jokes crossed the line, and it stopped being funny. One evening we were sitting at home, having dinner. And suddenly we were interrupted by the loud sound of breaking glass, and then a big stone fell next to our table. We all froze for a second. Dad rushed to the window to see who could've thrown this. But it seems that the villain managed to escape or hide. I saw that the stone was wrapped in paper, so I picked it up and unfolded this "gift." There was a note on it. It said "I'm tired of your stupid jokes. One more, and you'll regret it." But this didn't make any sense! We didn't do anything worth breaking a window for! It was not funny! We took the stone and went to the neighbors. But when we asked why they did it, they denied it, and said they didn't do anything. Of course we didn't believe them. We had become accustomed to their pranks, and always suspected a trick. So at that moment, we thought, "Okay, you asked for it." And dad and I started thinking about a revenge plan. But we didn't even have time to do anything. `Cause the next morning, Mike`s father came to our house and started arguing with my dad. As it turns out, someone punctured the tires on his car, and he thought it was my dad. But he didn`t do it, so he became angry too! They began to argue, and it almost came to a fight. They both thought it was just a joke that had gone too far. It was the first time that I had seen them have a fight in my life. They were best friends, and then were somehow willing to almost come to blows with each other. The only thing I could think was that that`s not right, and that I had to figure out how to fix it. I decided to talk to Mike at school. He stood his ground and said his father was innocent. And so did I. Okay, but then who had done all of this? To get our dads back on speaking terms, we had to find the real culprit. So we decided to install a couple of cameras, in case this joker wanted to do another prank. You won't believe it, but the cameras came in handy the very next day. It was an ordinary morning and my dad was getting ready to go to work. But as soon as he crossed the threshold, we heard a rumbling and screams. Then we heard dad cursing. We quickly ran out to the porch, and saw that dad had fallen through the boards. This was getting crazy! He could have broken something. Our neighbors also heard the noise, and came out to see what had happened. And when dad saw them, he got really angry. He got on his feet, and started running toward them, shouting and threatening them. We could barely calm him down, and we told him that whoever did this, had definitely gotten caught on camera. And here it was - the moment of truth. We turned on the tape, and around 4 a. m. we saw a man on our porch. He was fumbling with a screwdriver. Finally, he got up and we recognized him immediately - it was a man from the house on the other side of the street. It looks like he had unscrewed the screws that held the boards together on the porch. So when dad came out, he fell through them. And thank God dad didn't hurt himself. Okay, so we found out the identity of this wicked prankster. The only thing left to do was to punish him for everything. And we were going to do it in our own way. So we came up with a whole plan... Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Noticed Him In All The Pictures I Make. What Does He Want?!

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hi! I’m Patrice but my friends call me Patty. I’ve always had a dream to become popular, you know. Like a real superstar or something, so that everybody would see me and whisper “Hey, that’s the girl...” and stuff. I’ve been working so hard for my dream come true for the last year and it did come true… sort of. Everything started when I saw the first bloggers on the internet. I was amazed by their lives and their abilities, like financially I mean. For me, it seemed to be the easiest way to success and fame, so I’d decided to become a blogger myself. However, I faced my first problem as soon as I started, because I didn’t know how to blog. I would just post pretty much everything. It was like “Here I am going to school” or “Hey! Look at my lunch today” and so on. Of course, I had some followers, about 500 people I guess, but they were either my friends and family members, or some advertising accounts, so it didn’t satisfy me much. I even tried once to devote my blog to my hamster Polly, but she seemed to be a totally unsocial animal and that idea failed. Once I was sitting at home and looking through my blog page and all the posts on it. I could feel how pathetic my blogging efforts were because my photos were far from being like those I’d seen on my favorite blogger’s pages, and my texts were definitely not a philosopher’s thoughts. I had almost decided to give up my idea when I suddenly realized that somebody somehow showed up in almost every photo and video of mine that was taken at my place, except for me, of course. It was my creepy neighbor Alan who lived across the street from me. He had recently moved to the neighborhood with his parents and he was totally weird. He wore the same long sleeve shirt whenever I saw him in real life. Nobody talked to him at school, as far as I knew. Some people even thought that he had some mental and psychiatric disorders. Of course, he seemed to suddenly get caught by my camera’s lens, either appearing from around the corner or staring from his garden at me while I was taking a selfie in my own garden, but I felt strange about it. I shared my thoughts about probably being stalked by a local weirdo and that was it. My followers seemed to want to share my page with their friends or something, because I got a couple of hundred more subscribers that following week. Of course, the majority of my fans, so to speak, were from our town, but it didn’t matter – my fame had found me. Once two girls had even come up to me at the local mall to say hi and they said they knew me because of my weird neighbor. I kept posting my regular photos but this time it had turned into a quest for my followers to find a stranger in them in the comments. This excitement over me being famous lasted, for me, no more than two weeks, when I suddenly realized that my neighbor Alan had been actually stalking me. And this time, everything was done on purpose. I will give you an example. Once, I was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner when I noticed that Alan was staring at me from his window. I would think that this was a coincidence, but when I went to my bedroom and looked out the window, I once again saw him in his attic window still looking straight at me. I got a little scared and worried, but tried to calm myself down, thinking that my eyes were just playing tricks on me. And you know what? I couldn’t sleep well because of all that stuff. I had really bad nightmares that somebody was watching me, like 100 percent of the time and I had even woken up in a cold sweat a couple of times. This almost drove me completely nuts, so I decided to go and talk to this strange guy and ask him why he was stalking me. I thought he’d deny that fact, but he didn’t even try to. He told me that he noticed me trying to film every step of my life on camera, he'd gotten interested in it, and just wondered why I would want do this. But then he came across my blog page on the internet, saw my post about him, and had gotten offended. After that, he started to follow me on purpose as a sort of revenge. I don’t know why but I became really angry and started to shout at him that he had no right to do that, because he scared me a lot. Then I fired a warning shot saying that if he doesn’t stop doing what he’s been doing, I’d call the police. I turned away from him and set off for home when I heard him say that he didn’t see the difference between letting people follow you online or in real life. I entered my house so furiously, that even my mom, who was in the kitchen, noticed how nervous I was. I didn’t want to tell her the whole story so I just said that I hated that creepy guy who lives across the street from us... Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

Child You VS Teenage You! | Brent Rivera

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Child You VS Teenage You! | Brent Rivera Don't forget to LIKE this video! :) I love you guys:) Check out Dylan's promposal video: AND Summer's promposal video: If you're new here, don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos! I don't want you to miss out!! This was created in partnership with @MensWearhouse #ad Hang out with me on Social Media: SnapChat, Add me: TheBrentRivera Instagram: @BrentRivera Twitter: @BrentRivera @BrentRivera Facebook: @BrentRivera I have all rights to use this audio in this video according to Final Cut Pro's/YouTube's "terms of use."

I Discovered My Boyfriend’s Secret On Our Wedding Day

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I Made My Mom Choose: Me Or My Stepdad. She Chose Him!

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Hi fellas! I’m Anthony. Recently, I finished ninth grade, but I'll never go to high school because my mom decided to send me to military school. And the worst thing is that she did it just to get rid of me. You see, I know I'm just a burden to my mom. Since dad left us, mom has been miserable and unhappy, and I was just a reminder of the mistakes of the past. Plus, she couldn't have a new relationship because having a kid scared a lot of men away. She often went on dates and tried to build a relationship, but as soon as she said that she had a child, her boyfriend would disappear at the click of your fingers. Naturally, this upset my mother even more. So imagine how she glowed with happiness when she finally had a boyfriend who had serious intentions, and he was not afraid to take responsibility for a child, meaning me. At first, he came to our house occasionally for dinner, and he seemed like a normal guy. His name was Greg. He was a military man, and he had all the qualities of an officer. He had a loud commanding voice, was incredibly punctual, and he just loved discipline. My mother loved Greg very much, and she said that I could learn a lot from him. Well, one thing is to rarely communicate with a man like this, but it's a whole other thing when he lives with you, and you have nowhere to run from his control. Yeah, soon Greg moved in with us, and our house saw a lot of changes. It all started slowly. At first, he just helped my mother and closely monitored the cleanliness of the house, but then he began to establish his own rules and started giving orders to me. He told me when I should go to sleep and when to wake up. And I didn't like this at all. I complained to my mother about it, but she took his side, and she said that some discipline would do me good. Then Greg started making me play sports. He made me get up at six in the morning and go for a run. Do I even have to say that I didn't want to do this at all? But my mother supported Greg again. You know, I thought she was just afraid to contradict him because she was afraid he would leave. So I fought him on my own. But all my arguments with him were unsuccessful.  Once, during another run, I was left alone with him. He was probably tired of my constant protests against him, and he wanted to put an end to them. So Greg told me that I had to follow his orders without question and that he was now in charge of our house. And he demanded that I answer him as a soldier. He yelled at me and threatened me until I finally said, "Yes, sir." I thought that after that he was going to laugh like a villain in the movies. It was humiliating. And this disgusting man says he's in charge now? Oh no, man. I wasn't going to tolerate that. This man had established a dictatorship in our house, and mom wasn`t going to do anything about it. Once, during another run, I was left alone with him. He was probably tired of my constant protests against him, and he wanted to put an end to them. So Greg told me that I had to follow his orders without question, and that he was now in charge of our house. And he demanded that I answer him as a soldier. He yelled at me and threatened me until I finally said, "Yes, sir." I thought that after that he was going to laugh like a villain in the movies. It was humiliating. And this disgusting man says he's in charge now? Oh no, man. I wasn't going to tolerate that. This man had established a dictatorship in our house, and mom wasn`t going to do anything about it. Since then, his bullying became constant. Greg tried to restrain himself in front of my mother and not yell at me. But as soon as she left, he'd either ignored me or find a reason to punish me for something. The usual punishment was cleaning the already perfectly clean house. If I said something wrong at dinner, or just ate for too long, I was punished. And while mom and Greg watched TV, I washed the dishes and the kitchen completely. And it was better to agree to a light punishment. Because when I started arguing, I was kept under house arrest for days. And that didn't mean that I just sat at home and couldn't go out with my friends. Greg's version of house arrest is when he locked me in my room, took my phone, and turned off the internet. I could only go to the toilet and eat. Thank God he let me even do that. Greg shouldn't have punished me like that, because I had a lot of time to figure out how to get back at him. And during another house arrest, I came up with a great revenge plan that would help me to get rid of him forever. To do that, I had to break up Greg and my mom. And here's what New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Dad Said He Was Stalked. We Laughed Until He Disappeared

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hi, guys. My name is Daniel. Here`s what I want to talk about. My dad went missing for almost a year and I feel guilty about it. I`ll start from the very beginning. My dad was the most positive person on earth. For as long as I can remember, he was always glowing with happiness. But everything changed after one incident about a year ago. He didn't come home from work one night. At first, my mom and I thought that everything was ok. But he still hadn't shown up at nine o'clock that evening. That's when we began to call our friends and his colleagues. No one knew where dad could be. Then mom found dad's boss's phone number, and we called him. He surprised us a lot when he said that that day, my dad didn't show up at work, and didn't answer his phone calls. It was then that we really began to worry. What's happening? Where was he all day? We called the police, and two officers came to us and started asking us questions about my father. Soon afterward they found him. He was in the hospital, so my mother and I rushed there. When we got to the hospital and finally saw him, he was asleep. He was covered in scratches and bruises, there were pieces of glass in his clothes, and his shirt sleeve was almost torn off. The doctors said that he had a concussion and could have some sort of short-term memory loss. But everything else was fine. Officers said they found him outside the city. Looks like he was driving at a high speed, lost control, and his car ended up in a ditch. He was very lucky that he survived this accident. We spent the whole night in the hospital and when dad woke up we asked him what happened. And his answer shocked us: he said that he flew off the road because he was hit by another car. It was a serious allegation, so the police started an investigation. They came to our house a few times and asked a lot of questions. About a month later, they sent us a letter with their expert’s conclusion. According to this letter, the car didn`t have any traces of paint from another vehicle. To put it simply – no one had rammed my father's car. Dad was angry, he complained about the police inaction, and insisted that he was telling the truth. But my mom was upset. She believed the police and thought that my dad was lying and hiding something. Besides, where was he all day? Why didn't he go to work? To these questions he replied that he just didn't remember. So my parents sometimes fought about it. And I didn't know who was right. But I knew that dad was acting weird. He always covered the windows with curtains, his phone was often turned off. It seemed like… he was afraid of something, but he wouldn`t say what. In general, the atmosphere in the house was strange. But then something happened that really scared me. I was home after school doing my homework when I heard the front door slam loudly. I went down and saw my father. He looked scared – he had huge eyes and could barely breathe. When he caught his breath he finally said: "I saw her again, that car!" Then he ran up to the table and began to write something on a piece of paper. He tried to remember the car`s license plate number, but he couldn't. Dad was really worked up. He nervously walked around the house saying that mom will finally believe him now. But she didn't. After all, there was no evidence. So they just bickered again. And I can understand mom. Her husband is acting strange, obviously hiding something. Of course, she didn`t believe his words. Since then, dad has spent a lot of time on the computer. He was googling something, printing some articles. In the garage he hung up a board, where he attached various photos and documents. He even installed security cameras around the house! Apparently, he was determined to prove to me and my mom that he was right. It looked more like paranoia, but this is my dad – he always goes all out. And so we lived like this for two months. In the evenings, dad sat in the garage and watched the video from the cameras. I kept hoping dad would admit that he was wrong, or finally tell us why he didn`t go to work that day. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Lost My Baby Because Of My Friend's Stupid Advice

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hey guys. My name is Anna. I wanted to tell you about my ex-best friend Molly. Our friendship was ruined by her persistent love of teaching me how I should or shouldn’t live my life. As a rule, the awfulness of her advice would manifest in small things, but one time everything was totally different and very serious. At one point, it was even a question of life or death. But first things first. Molly always loved to give advice, stupid advice really. But I used to believe that she wanted the best for me and even further – that she would get angry with me if I argued with her, so I followed her guidance. She was happy to tell me how I should behave, even in the most basic situations, you know, even though I usually had to deal with pretty unpleasant consequences. For example, once I needed to buy a dress for another school dance. Of course, I took Molly with me to the mall. After a few hours of shopping, I’d finally chosen the perfect blue medium length dress. However, Molly didn’t like it. She insisted I try on the dress that she picked out, which was yellow and way too tight for me. She persuaded me that I looked better in it, so I bought it. I couldn’t even breathe properly in that dress and, at some point, while I was dancing I moved the wrong way and my dress ripped at the seams. Of course, I had to immediately leave the dance party, but not before a few people around me noticed what had happened. Long after that evening my classmates were still making fun of me for it. And once when Molly and I were at summer camp, I discovered a few nasty pimples on my face right before our group photo day. Molly said that she had the perfect recipe for a night mask that would inevitably clear up my skin. I was desperate and I had no other choice but to follow her advice (again!). When I woke up, I rushed to the mirror and for a second I wished I was still sleeping. My whole face was orange, the pimples were gone though. Molly said this was probably because the contents in the turmeric facial mask she’d made. Oh my gosh... the things I did to try to get rid of that face color back then! But nothing worked. I even got the nickname “Anna – the orange banana” and everybody at the camp was laughing at me when I passed by. Nevertheless, I continued to be friends with Molly and in this instance, it was especially important that I knew that whatever I told her, she’d keep a secret. This happened when I figured out that something had changed inside me. I’d begun feeling nauseated and sleepy all the time and couldn’t drink my ordinarily favorite coffee because of its smell. Back then I had been dating Evan McAllen for slightly more than a month - he was sort of my first love - when I found out that I was pregnant. I got really scared and, of course, Molly was the first one I told. That time I really needed some serious advice and definitely couldn't stand any of her stupid consequences, like before. I was devastated, but Molly seemed to be stubborn. She thought that Evan should be informed about what had happened since he was equally responsible for the trouble I was now in, so to speak. But I didn’t want him to know. You see, we were about to graduate from school in a month or so and he was about to leave for college soon. We were going to live in different parts of the country and were hardly going to keep dating anyway. Besides, I still hadn’t decided whether I was going to keep the baby or not, so I didn’t want Evan to remember me as that girl who ruined his life and stuff. But Molly kept insisting on her opinion on the issue and finally I got really irritated with it. So at some point, I told her to keep her nose out of it. And I told her how bad the pieces of advice she's given me in the past have always been. I didn’t mean to fight with her, but apparently my words were really offensive. So, she just left me alone, and this time, I had to make my own decision without the opinion of my bestie. I was really scared to tell my mom about what was going on, but she literally was the only one who was able to help me at that moment. I felt so miserable when she said that she was very disappointed in me. I lied to her and told her that I didn’t know who the father of the baby was and she began yelling at me for that even harder. I cried really hard all night long. So much so, that in the morning I could barely open my eyes that were swollen with tears. Finally, my mom told me that I had no option but to give birth to the baby and that she’ll help me to raise him or her. I felt more secure because I no longer had to make that decision, but at the same time I felt even more devastated than before. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Broke Up With My GF And Her Rich Dad Revenged || Best True Stories Animated

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New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! Hello, my name is Matthew and I couldn’t get out of a relationship with a girl because this would have affected my family in a reaaaally bad way. So I've just been living with my Mom for most of my life, and she has always been a genuinely great person. She spent a lot of time helping people despite the fact that we ourselves were pretty poor. She would always do some charity work, like work in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen and I have always looked up to her. But still, she wasn’t perfect - she was always just a little bit too timid or shy, so for the last several years she's had a lot of trouble finding a job and we've been really struggling financially. Around this same time I met Emilia. We almost immediately liked each other and soon we started dating. She was amazing at first - very kind and funny. Everything was going so well that she introduced me to her family almost immediately. It turns out that her father was a successful businessman. He really liked me and was telling me stories about himself the whole evening, so much that Emilia had to stop him because it was getting too late. I realized that he could help my mother with a job, so I asked him about it. He was happy to help and gave my mom a job at his company. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a job. My mom was very excited about it, but also pretty anxious. Because of her anxiety, she messed up a lot and Emilia’s father wasn’t exactly happy about it. Around this time Emilia... changed. Instead of this sweet caring girl, she became kinda... spoiled and whiny. She would always make fun of people on the street and spread rumors about people we knew and then get upset when I would ask her to stop. So I guess, at first, she tried to show herself in the best possible light, but then she relaxed and showed her true colors. I hated spending time with her and really wanted to break up, but I couldn’t because I didn’t know what would happen to my mom and her job. So I had to figure out how to make HER break up with me instead. At first I just decided to annoy her - Emilia cared about what people thought of her way too much, so I started to wear goofy clothing when we were together, and when we would hang out with her friends I would tell the dumbest jokes ever. She was EXTREMELY annoyed and embarrassed and acted like she hated spending time with me. But... for some reason, she wouldn’t break up with me! Sometimes I would help my mom when she was volunteering at soup kitchens for the homeless, and I knew that Emilia would HATE doing something like that. So I planned a perfect bad date! I told her I wanted to surprise her and took her to one of those kitchens and we spent around an hour there, working, until she just left, disgusted and annoyed - she really didn’t want to have anything to do with work like this. I took her home and I had to act upset the whole time, while in reality I was HAPPY that she would hopefully finally get rid of me. Buuuut something totally unexpected happened. She didn’t break up with me, but she did whine about the situation to her father, and he was impressed by me because I was so “responsible for my age.” He was SO impressed, in fact, that he took me on a fishing trip, together with Emilia. It was so awkward because he was just singing my praises all day. To him, I was like the son he never had. He always dreamed of the day when he would give his business to his son, who would succeed him. Emilia just sat around next to us the whole day, doing something on her phone, but I saw how annoyed she was, because he never even considered giving his business to her… Okay, I have to admit something. While I realized how bad of a situation I was in, it was tempting to have a chance to take over someone’s successful business, especially when you were used to being poor... So I was telling myself that maaaaybe Emilia wasn’t so bad and maaaybe I should stay with her. But the situation reached its peak of awkwardness when Emilia’s parents had their anniversary party. They had it in their mansion and it was super fancy and official, and I felt sooo out of place there, especially every time Emilia’s father would introduce me to his friends. After a ton of handshakes and small talk, the worst thing happened - they decided to take a family picture, like him, his wife, and Emilia. And of course, OF COURSE they invited to me to be a part of the picture. ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Fell In Love With Twins

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hey everyone! My name’s Janise. You know, I’ve recently had a chance to start my life over again, and it has become the weirdest period of my life so far, but I regret nothing. Well, almost nothing. My family had to move to another town because of my dad’s new job and I, accordingly, switched to another totally unfamiliar school. I was pretty sure that I’d have some trouble blending in and it made me really nervous. On my first day there I was so distracted and lost that didn’t even see a guy standing right in front of me. So I kinda ran smack into him and fell to the ground. This made everybody around start laughing and giggling, and I felt, like, totally embarrassed. He helped me to stand up and made a joke that this was the weirdest way a girl has ever tried to find out what his name was. I cracked a half smile and got out of there as fast as I could, feeling how my face was already starting to turn bright red. But I heard him shouting his name – it was J.J. – and I found myself realizing just how handsome he was. Later that day when I was already in the school cafeteria I saw him again. But this time he wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of other people. It was the opposite actually, he was sitting alone at a lunch table reading something. I decided to go up to him and get acquainted, since, so far, he was the only person at this new place that I'd talked to. But when I actually got up closer to him and asked whether the seat next to him was taken or not, he looked at me as if we’d never met before. I felt offended inside, I mean, I know that I was new to that school but was I really that invisible!? I said that I was sorry for not telling him my name earlier, but it was Janise, by the way. And he said, “Good for you,” still keeping his eyes glued to the book. His manners in that moment had me really confused. I couldn’t figure out what else I should say or whether I should've said anything at all. So I just grabbed my tray and walked away, feeling sort of mad and a little humiliated. Who was he to talk to me like that? Strangely enough, I couldn’t stop thinking about him for the rest of the day. The next couple of days at school were pretty intense and I hadn’t seen J.J. at all. But I had started to chat with some other girls from my class and it was starting to look almost like the beginning of a friendship, I thought. Then, on Thursday when these girls and I were having lunch, I saw him again. He was probably saying something funny, because everybody around us was in tears laughing. Maybe he was really strange, I thought, acting like a clown and then like a distant mysterious guy at the same time. Was it a bipolar disorder or something? Anyway, he still looked very attractive to me. Later that day when I had already packed up to go home, I heard a car horn and somebody shouting. I turned around and saw J.J. He drove up to me and said he insisted on driving me home. I hesitated for a couple of seconds, but when I saw his smile I just gave up. He talked the entire way, telling me some school related stories about the other students and teachers and staff. I decided not to say anything about his strange behavior in the cafeteria a few days earlier. You know, everything already seemed to be perfect and I felt like I was falling for him. The next day it was Friday and I was really looking forward to seeing J.J. at school again, but unfortunately it was another busy day so I just couldn’t pause long enough to make it happen. But a big rugby game was scheduled for that evening after classes, and the girls and I decided to go and see it. Actually, the whole school was going because our team was playing against their biggest rival, as they told me. So I thought he’d also definitely be there. When everything had already started, I finally saw him a few rows higher, but when I was about to wave at him I saw a girl next to him. And suddenly she hugged him. I was devastated. I mean, why would he drive me home the day before if he already had a girlfriend? If he was a womanizer, for sure I was not OK with that. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Dad Brought A New Woman Home While My Mom Was At The Hospital

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Hello, everyone. My name is Emma and I`m 16 years old. Recently we lost our home because of my dad, and then my brother and I had to live in horrible conditions. But then I did a terrible thing to get us back to a normal life. And I have no regrets about it. There were always arguments in our family because of my dad's hobby. He used to play poker, and would come home late to report the bad news that he had lost really often. After that, he would have a fight with my mom and then stop playing for a while, but then he'd go back to the game again. At this point, it probably wasn't a hobby any longer. It was an addiction. But no one could influence my dad. Not me, not my mom, not even the fact that my little brother was only 5 and needed attention. But my father wasn't worried about that at all. We didn't have much money at the time, so my mother had to work really hard. From the age of sixteen, I also found a part-time job so I could at least have some pocket money, and also try to help my family. Basically, I spent my happy high school years not partying with friends or going out with boys, but working. And I have to say, there were some good moments. Because of my dad's "passion," he was good at math and probability theory which meant I always had an "A" in math because he sometimes took the time to study with me. In addition, he taught me to understand human emotions. This skill was useful and not just for playing poker. I almost always understood when my classmates were lying or hiding something. So this was our life. Short intervals of happiness between dad's games. After one event, we realized that my dad's passion had completely crossed the line. My mom was working late that evening, and I was at work too. So my dad was supposed to be looking after my little brother. But when I got home from work, I found out that they weren't home. I started to call my dad, but he had turned off his phone. Soon after I got back, my mom arrived, and they still weren't home yet. It was almost midnight and we were about to call the police, but finally we heard the sound of a car approaching the house. It was my dad. My little brother was asleep in his arms. It turns out that my dad had taken him to a game. Unbelievable! Why would he even think to do that?! A five year old child was sitting somewhere in a basement with a bunch of smoking and drinking men! Who knows what they might have done to him. Dad must have lost his mind. After that, he and my mother had a very serious fight, and dad gave up poker for a long time. But an addiction is not that easy to get rid of. One day he came back from another game and his words literally froze the blood in our veins. Dad said he had lost our house. He tried to explain everything and justify himself. He said that the stakes were high, but he was sure he would win. But the bet didn't pay off. I didn't know what to do, and I just looked at my mom and waited for her reaction. I thought there was going to be another fight, but my mom's reaction was much stronger. She started screaming like never before. She was yelling so intensely that she lost her voice. But suddenly she said she was feeling bad. Mom got flushed all over and said she was having trouble breathing. I quickly called an ambulance, and my mother was taken to the hospital. She had a nervous breakdown due to severe stress. We had never faced this many problems all at once. So, mom was at the hospital, I couldn't be with her because I had to look after my brother, and dad was packing our stuff, because we had to leave the house. From that moment on we began to live in a small cheap apartment and I had to do all the housework - cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my little brother. He cried all the time because he missed our mother, but she wasn't going to be released from the hospital anytime soon. She became an insomniac and totally neurotic after her nervous breakdown and doctors said she needed to stay in the hospital so they could look after her. At this time, things in our new home were getting worse and worse. Now no one could stop dad from playing poker. Every day he would come back late at night, he was constantly drunk, and who knows how much money he lost during this time. But he kept saying, "Soon I'll win it back, I'll get our house back." But I wasn't optimistic about it. Plus, he'd never been to the hospital to see my mom. I was almost sure he didn't give a damn about his family. And soon, I was convinced of this fact. New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Won The Contest But I Had To Give Out My Prize

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hi, my name is Alicia. The story I’m about to tell you was such an emotional rollercoaster for me. There was a betrayal, there was a feud, and there were plenty of surprises. Anyway, this story started when a new girl came to our high school. Her name was Sara, and she had moved from another state with her mom. At school she was always sad, tired, and too shy to talk to anyone. Later I learned that her father had gone to prison, and that they were not doing very well. Sara tried to help her mom with several jobs that her mom had, and she was under a lot of pressure mentally. So, seeing that she was having a hard time communicating, I decided to take the first step. I sat down with her at lunch and it turned out that she was really really nice. We liked the same bands, the same movies, and generally had similar views on life. Pretty soon Sara became my best friend. She would come over for sleepovers, which only happened at my place, since she was embarrassed of where she lived with her mom. So, one day a competition was announced at our school. WIthout getting into too much detail, it was a competition involving ecological projects for our state or even for the whole country. I promise not to bore you with what the projects were about, but the key thing was that the person who had the best project at school was supposed to go to New York City to present it at a conference. And that’s when I knew I had to win. A lot of you might not understand this, but going to New York City was always a dream of mine. Since I was a kid, I watched movies set in NYC, heard songs about it, and I fell in love with the city - even though I had literally never been there. We live in Montana, which is pretty far away, and my parents prefer to spend vacations camping, but the most important thing is that… they are raising me this way. If I want something, I need to work hard and earn it myself. And this competition was a perfect opportunity. So I started working on my project, and… there was not much else in my life that I paid attention to for a while. I studied tons of literature, some of it was really complicated pro-level stuff; I did not get much sleep, and I was worried that I was getting too distracted… So after a couple of weeks I started to feel exhausted, and that was when Sara invited me for a sleepover. I mean, this was the first time she ever mentioned going over to her place. So, I agreed. I needed a day off anyway. And I gotta say, Sara knew really well how important this project was for me and how crazy I got about. So their apartment turned to be tiny but cozy, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about really. She had her own room and that was where we hung out. Sara went to the kitchen to get us some snacks, and I looked around her room. At first I didn't pay much attention to a pile of papers on her table. They were none of my business anyway. But Sara was away for so long that I looked at them again… and I was shocked. It was so obvious that she was working on a project for the same contest. When Sara came back, she realized I had seen the papers and tried to explain. I did not want to listen. I just stood up and left. As I was walking all the way back home, I was furious. I was not mad at her for taking part in the contest – of course not. I am all for a fair competition! I was mad because she did not tell me. That was shady! I mean… I told her every single detail about my project, she could easily be stealing my ideas. I am a bit embarrassed to say this right now, but at that moment, for me… this meant war. My project was almost ready, but I started improving it literally night and day. Sara tried to talk to me several times, but I just ignored her. And the worst part was that when I looked at Sara’s papers that night I saw a pretty good point that I could use in my own work. I hesitated, I knew I was wrong, but the stakes were too high and I was getting a little crazy. Long story short, the contest week was close. There was a whole panel of fifteen people that were tasked with rating the projects: some of them were our teachers, some were local ecological experts, some were people from city council, and there were even several students. For the next 5 days they were supposed to see the presentations and choose a winner. My presentation was perfect, of course, but the hardest part was waiting. This was like the longest week of my life. The only thing that saved me was the fact that a girl I knew was on the panel, and after I kept bugging her for two days straight, she told me what everyone thought of my work. Every single member thought my project was by far the best. I was overwhelmed. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Mother Tortures Me With Beauty Pageants

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED My name is Hope, and I sing like Miley Cyrus, dance like Lady Gaga, and I look prettier than Kendall Jenner. To be precise, my mom wants me to be like that. In reality, it's even hard for me to justify my name - Hope. From the age of five my mother forced me into various classes trying to find my talent and make me a star. But within a few weeks of classes (surprise!), they figured out that I wasn't that talented, and my mother pulled me from one class to another, and a month later - another. Here is a brief list of what I did until I turned 14: dancing, music, painting, gymnastics, singing, a little figure skating, about two months of theater, and much more. Maybe I could have succeeded in something if my mother had just been a little more patient. After switching between a dozen classes, my mother began to get really upset, but that was around the time that TV programs for “talented” children came to the rescue. My mom now has a new hope that her Hope can become a star. That even sounds weird. From that moment on, I attended an infinite number of castings but I was turned down at "The Voice” because I don't sing well enough. I was kicked out from "World of Dance", because I`m a terrible dancer. And they didn't even take me to “America`s Got Talent,” because I obviously did not have talent. At some point, I had already thought that maybe I needed to change my name to “Hopeless.” It sounds bad, but everything would be clear right away. No expectations, no complaints. The turning point was at one of these castings. Honestly, I don`t even remember for what it was for. And naturally, they turned me down. But they also said that, “She needs to go to modeling school first.” Oh, this phrase set a fire in my mother's eyes. "Hope, this is exactly what you need!" And the very next day I met with new people from a modeling school. I do have to say that I did very well. Because "Wha-a-a-at? I need to walk around the stage? Did you see what I was doing before? And now I just needed to walk properly? Ha-ha, give me a stage, and I'll walk all over it! ” Soon, I began to participate in various beauty contests, and I liked it. More precisely, I liked the attention I received at school after these competitions. My mom was much more passionate about it. She was so worried before every contest. A week before the pageant, she would get nervous. I couldn’t eat chocolate, because “Hope, you won’t fit in your dress.” I couldn’t go for a walk, because “Hope, you need to spend more time preparing,” and I couldn’t even communicate with friends, because "Hope, I want to control your life even more!" Every time it was a nightmare. A nightmare for me, and a pleasure for my mom. It was strange, because in two years I hadn't even won a single contest. I was just a girl who “showed herself well, too.” But after each pageant my mother was radiant with joy and for a few weeks, I could be free of her training. Winter came and the holidays began. Oh, happy vacation time! I could hang out with friends all day and have fun. I could, but only if I didn`t participate in the next stupid pageant! I wanted to spend time outside, but my mother just lost her mind! I literally couldn’t do anything! We fought, and I just ran out of patience. My mother shouted: “This time everything is different, this is a very important competition. They will be selecting participants for "Miss State!" So I shouted back: "It's always different and always very important. I haven't left the house for a week! If this is the life of a model, then I pass! Take part in this contest by yourself!” I ran to my room and closed the door. But I was not going to just sit quietly at home. I got dressed, opened the window, and jumped into the snowdrift that was against the house. I was so happy to finally get out! I missed my friends so much! We were having snowball fights, rolling downhill, making snow angels. In short - I felt like a child and I missed that. Someone brought a big sled, and we decided to ride it down the hill together. As soon as we started, I immediately felt like we were going too fast and we had absolutely no way to brake. We were knocked off course and we crashed into a pole. Lifting our heads, exchanging glances with each other, we began to laugh. Oh, that was awesome! This is adrenaline! Let's do it again! But when I tried to get up, I felt a terrible pain in my leg. It was as if my ankle just filled with pain and it was so strong that I immediately began to cry. I was afraid to even look down. My friends loaded me onto the sleigh and took me to the hospital. As we drove, there were so many thoughts in my head that I could not even sift through all of them. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Dad Wanted To Get Rid Of Our Old Dog. But Then Buddy Saved His Life

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hello! My name is Luna and I am fourteen years old. We've all heard that a boomerang returns back to the person who throws it. Unfortunately my dad and I have recently experienced this ourselves. So today, I want to share our story. My family comes from Iowa. My father has a farming business where he grows food crops and vegetables. Since this was the only way we made a living, we had to protect our farm from being broken into. And that's why we got Buddy. He was the sweetest dog ever. I was only four years old when we got him, so we've been best friends for years. He was not just a nice pet, he was the best defense we could get. One night, I woke up because I heard a horrible noise. Buddy was barking as loud as he could. I rushed to my parents' room, but my dad was already on his feet and heading outside with a gun. We opened the front door just in time to see Buddy lock his teeth on the burglar's arm. The burglar's accomplice got away, but he hadn't managed to steal anything. This happened a long time ago, and Buddy has been my hero since that night. But time has not been kind to him. It's been almost nine years, so he's obviously gotten pretty old, but he still kept our farm safe. I started noticing that he had become too passive and had lost his appetite. He wouldn't even get excited if I got him his favorite food anymore. I was getting really worried, but my dad said he was fine, just old. To tell you the truth, my father never was a sentimental person. So when our dog got older, he was upset, but mostly because he thought Buddy wasn't much of a help anymore. I just could not understand that! One day, I went up to Buddy's dog shed and saw that he was just lying there and breathing heavily. He didn't even notice I had come to him. I ran to my dad immediately and asked him to drive Buddy to the vet clinic. But would you believe that he refused to do it and said Buddy had been a good dog and stuff, but that's life, and it was much easier to just get a new dog, after all. I burst into tears and begged him for a whole hour to drive us to the clinic, but he wouldn't listen. Then I said I was going to go alone, on foot! It was only then that he finally gave up. So, after hours of waiting behind the door and numerous examinations, the vet gave Buddy an unfavorable diagnosis. He was suffering from a bad stomach ulcer and he urgently needed surgery. And there was actually not much hope that it would even help. This news made me feel absolutely miserable and dejected. But there is no use in crying over spilled milk. We had to make a decision. My dad and I were silent in the car on our way back home. Later I heard him talking to my mom in the living-room and I was sure they were discussing the surgery date. But then I got close enough to overhear their conversation and heard those horrible words. They were going to put him down the following morning. I couldn't believe my own ears. Buddy had been the most devoted creature all these years and dad was able to just get rid of him so easily. Mom didn't back me up either. She couldn't go against my father's word. But I could. I would not let this happen. I called my best friend Peter and asked him for help. I knew I would not be able to find enough money for the operation, but I took all my pocket money and Peter generously donated his. He also suggested organizing a fund for Buddy and putting posts on the internet. This is the definition of – a true friend. I wish I could've gotten my dad to give a penny. But we didn't have time for that. We had to take Buddy to a safe place because my dad could come after him and put his plans into action at any moment. So, we decided to take him back to the vet clinic and to hope for the vets' compassion for our poor dog. I snuck out of the house early in the morning so that nobody would see me. Peter and I had to carry Buddy, because it was hard for him to walk. The clinic was pretty far from our house, so we had to get there by bus which took an hour. The vet recognized Buddy and I. We told him how much money we had and about our situation. We also shared our thoughts about the fund and asked if he could help us. The vet sighed and said that we didn't have even have half of the money needed and also that Buddy didn't have enough time to wait until it was all collected. I was about to burst into tears, when he said: "There's no such thing as hopeless." He went out of the room and discussed something with his colleagues. Then he came back and said that Buddy could stay in the clinic until the money was raised. He also told us that we could organize the fund right there in the clinic, so that it was faster, and said to not give up. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Parents Are Super Rich But I Starve

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Hi. I'm Alex and literally every single one of my friends has told me that I should share this story that happened to me, like, with the world. I've been thinking about it for a while and here I am. Let's do this. My parents are very rich people. And I'm not telling this to you like I'm bragging, it's not a rich-kid-thing at all. It's more than that, I am not a rich kid at all. Yeah, you heard that right: with my parents being crazy rich, I am actually pretty poor. I live in a small guest house with minimal furniture beside my parents' mansion, I get a ridiculously small amount of allowance money, and I don't feel rich at all. Okay, I guess I've got stuff to explain here. My parents are self-made people. That's what they like to say and it's basically true. They both started from the bottom, their families were always struggling, and they met when they were very young — way before they earned their fortune. They started a business which, over several years, grew to be two different companies, both pretty big. They basically had two weddings: the first one, when they were young and poor, and the second one – at an ultra-luxurious resort in the Bahamas years later. I mean, I have only seen the video – I was ten and I was not invited. Here's where we get to the important part. I was never a part of the family... financially. My parents have always been sure that if I got exposed to money growing up, I would grow up spoiled, lazy, selfish, arrogant... like that idiot rich kid from any school movie. Apparently, each of them had a guy during their school years, who was a total moron, and who happened to come from a rich family. I don’t know the details, because they were never really willing to talk about it, but the idea that money spoils children has stayed with them for years. So okay, now that you know the background, let's get into the story. It started at one of my parents' famous parties. Every week there's either a party or a “reception,"" or whatever you call it, at their house. They love stuff like that, and they like saying that they earned these nights with their hard work. Needless to say, I'm almost never invited to these occasions, since, first, I have to go to sleep early to be disciplined, and, of course, because of the money thing. Sometimes I would just crash those parties and chat with people until my dad noticed or sabotage them by turning off all the lights or something. I had nothing to lose really. That day was one of those days. My parents are friends with a couple who have a daughter. Her name is Cecilia, she's sixteen, and I've seen her around a couple of times. I even talked to her once at my friend's birthday. She's really cute and funny, and she always comes over with her parents. Again, how messed up is that: kids my age and even younger come to my parents' parties all the time and I have to be in the guest house and go to sleep at 10. So this time I snuck in again. Cecilia was there and I started talking to her, everything was going fine… until my dad showed up. When he saw me, he went even crazier than usual. He shouted at me, saying that I was not supposed to be there, and that I was supposed to be in bed already. It was so embarrassing that it actually felt painful. Like I was a 2-year-old or something. Everyone heard it and Cecilia did too, of course. I couldn't even say anything. I just walked out of the room in total silence. That night something broke inside of me. Like, I probably should have come to this conclusion long ago, but I could not go on like this. Something had to be done. Pretty soon I realized that what I needed most of all was MONEY. It would have solved a lot of problems. I could do whatever I wanted. Well, not literally ""whatever I wanted,"" but you get the point. After looking for a part-time job for a while and not finding anything good, I decided I needed to start… some kind of business, like my parents did years ago. And what happened next was pretty unbelievable. I’ll try to make this short. My parents have a friend, let’s call him Mr. Jay, and he’s a businessman too. He has a company that has something to do with real estate, but as a hobby he runs a small vinyl record shop, like as a… side project. He told me that in the 70s he was in a rock band and thought that music was his life. But then the times changed and their band didn't take off, so he had to leave the idea of a music career behind. And the record shop was his connection to that world he had to leave. New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Ran Away From My Real Mom To My Foster Parents But It Ended In A Tragedy

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hello, everybody! My name is Heidi. I am sixteen years old and I've got two mothers. How is that even possible? Let me tell you, it's a long story. So, I was actually born in Boston and my mother had a really difficult delivery. I was alright, but she lost a lot of blood and slipped into a coma. The doctors couldn't manage to find either my father or any of my other relatives and they couldn't make any predictions about my mother's condition either. So they had no option but to give me to a foster family. They agreed that I would live with them until my mother woke up from her coma, if she did. But years went by, I turned six years old, but it still hadn't happened. My foster mom and dad didn't tell me that I wasn't their real daughter, so I lived a happy life with my beloved mommy and daddy in a small town in Minnesota. I couldn't have wished for a better family, until... It was my father's birthday. and we had a big party at home with all of our friends, a barbeque, and fireworks. We were having so much fun! My father's phone was ringing off the hook because there were so many people who wanted to wish him a happy birthday. But then, there was another call. My father picked up his phone merrily, expecting another greeting, but then the smile was wiped from his face. He went pale. I was really worried, but he said that everything was fine. After the party my parents went to their room and shut the door. I tried to eavesdrop, but I couldn't make out what they were talking about because they were whispering, but then my mom burst into tears. That was far too frightening for me, so I knocked on the door and asked my parents to let me in and to tell me what was going on. And then they told me the truth. They told me about my real mother and her coma and about the phone call. My foster dad was informed that my mother had woken up from the coma and after a little treatment she would be ready to have her daughter back, as agreed. I was absolutely dejected. I begged my parents to not give me back, I think I'd cried my eyes out, but there was nothing we could do about it. So, in a couple of weeks my parents took me back to Boston. My real mother met us at the airport. She looked very nice and friendly and she immediately started crying when she saw me. But I didn't feel anything at all. I was squeezing my foster mom's hand and didn't want to let it go. We all went to a cafe and walked around town. My mother tried to make conversation with me, but I never said a word. Soon the moment to say farewell had come. My parents spent one night with us, but when I woke up in the morning, they were not there! There was only a little note on the table. It said: ""Always remember..."" And there was a little picture of us all together. So, I was left alone in that new city with that unknown woman, who I was supposed to call "mom" now. She brought me to my new home, which was really cozy, and there was a separate room for me with a bed, and new clothes and toys. My mother did her best to get along with me. She cooked, showed me around town, took me to the zoo, she would buy me anything I would ask for, and I started to like her actually, but... I really missed my family. Once I worked up the courage and asked her if I could visit my home in Minnesota, but she wouldn't let me. She said that she realized it was hard, but it would be better for me to not communicate with my foster mom and dad for my own good. She said we had to turn over a new leaf together. I got really mad! I wanted to go home so badly that I decided to run away. I packed my little suitcase and headed for the hills. I googled the way to the bus station, it happened to be not that far away from the place we lived. Of course, I got caught and brought back after I'd tried to buy a one-way ticket to my hometown. My mother was in despair. And she made the worst decision ever. She decided to move to another state in the south without even letting my foster family know about it. It turned out that my grandparents lived there, but my mother hadn't spoken to them for years. They knew nothing about her coma or about me. She also forbade me to call or to email my foster mom and dad and wouldn't give me their contact information. The only thing I had was that family picture. "Even though it looked like a happy ending - my grandparents were so happy to see me and to finally make up with their daughter after so many years, I never stopped thinking about my family in Minnesota. It's been a while. I became a teenager, I went to school, and had a lot of friends there. I loved my grandparents to bits, but not my mother... Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Dumped My Ex And He Planned A Horrible Revenge

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hey! My name is Sonya. I’d classify this story as a story of multiple losses of mine. And some of them happened to be for the better, so to speak. Everything started a few weeks before my graduation from high school. I had been dating Nick for more than a year already. We were always together, all the time and everywhere – at school, after classes, at the gym... He even insisted that I go to all of his football practices and, obviously, I never missed a single game. I had almost totally given up hanging out with my girlfriends because, you know, Nick didn’t like it when I would go somewhere without him. But I didn’t mind. However the closer we got to graduation, the less time we were able to spend together. Final exams were also approaching. So at some point, preparing for them, sending applications to colleges, some extra time spent at school to get better grades for me, and additional training for Nick had started to become really time-consuming. He and I could no longer be together, like day and night, and this had added some major drama to my life. We also started to fight over it pretty often. Usually, I was the one to give in, while Nick just continued to act like the alpha male, so to speak. One morning I got woken up by my mom. She came in my room with her eyes full of tears and said that my great-grandma had just been admitted to the hospital with some health problems. Of course, I got really worried and we went to visit her. You might say that there was nothing surprising about it, taking into account that she was 95-years-old. But our whole family loved Nana a lot and we were pretty sure that this was going to be her last hospital trip, you know, forever. So we had to sort of start to get ready. I couldn’t help but cry when I saw her there in the hospital bed. She looked really tired and seemed to be very small, but she said she was happy that I’d come. We talked a little bit and she had asked me to do her a favor and take care of her cat Snowball while she was there at the hospital. Of course, I promised her I would do it, and I’d even decided to go and check in on him right after the hospital, when I saw Nick right at the exit door. He looked very unfriendly, if I may say so myself. I thought he’d come to support me, but he was pretty cold with me and asked me where my cellphone was. I checked my pockets and suddenly realized that I must have forgotten it at home. You know, I was nervous and sad about what had happened to Nana, and my parents kept breathing down my neck, so I’d completely forgotten about everything else. And when I'd received my regular morning text from Nick, I'd texted him back saying that I was going to hospital and rushed to see Nana. He might have thought that it was me who needed medical assistance. And since I'd left my phone at home and he couldn't reach me, he'd gotten worried and rushed to the hospital himself. I explained everything to him and said how sorry I was for making him worry. However he still seemed to be a little angry and definitely not happy. For a second I thought that he should have been more kind to me because I was about to lose my Nana, but I tried to drive these thoughts away. I had gotten used to Nick’s over aggressiveness and resentful temper somehow. Also, I was about to take my final exam in about two hours and I needed to feed granny’s cat, so, you know, I was too busy for negative thoughts. The next couple of days were a nightmare for me. I had to visit Nana, feed the cat, do some stuff for my parents, and so on. And as my bad luck would have it, my car engine was giving out, so I was constantly late everywhere I went. And Nick decided to wait until this day to show the worst of his temper. He texted me almost every hour that he was disappointed in me for something, or angry at me, or that I had forgotten about him. So, at some point, for the first time in my life I’d gotten so angry that I went down to his beloved football practice and yelled at him that we were breaking up, right in front of the whole team. I guess I will never be able to forget his dumbfounded face, full of misunderstanding and embarrassment. Because as soon as I spun on my heels and walked away, I heard everybody begin to laugh and start to mock him. And some part of me still feels that feeling of final relief and pride for myself, for having done what I’d done. It was strange, but I never thought that I was as stressed as I was about this relationship. I was driving to Nana’s place to feed the cat when my phone rang. I was sure it was Nick calling me to apologize or something, and I immediately felt a determination inside myself to tell him we were over, one more time. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I'm A Slave Of My Stepmother

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hello, I’m Lucy. My life has been divided between two houses, but I never thought I would become an employee in one of them. And this fact makes me feel constantly exhausted. My parents have been divorced for a long time. Me and my older sister stayed with my mom based on the court's decision, but my dad was also allowed to spend a lot of time with both of us. That’s why we used to spend, like half of our weekends and holidays at my dad’s place. I love both of my parents equally, but honestly speaking my dad’s temper is pretty terrible. Sometimes we'd have days where he would just yell and punish me and my sister whenever we did the littlest thing wrong. I will give you a vivid example. Once we were spending Halloween with my dad. We had been working on making our costumes for an entire day and had gotten really hungry. There was almost nothing in the fridge and my sister Annie decided she wanted to order a pizza. She asked dad if that was OK, but he said no for no actual reason. He suggested that we cook something on our own, but we didn’t want to and we were really in the mood for pizza, especially since it was a holiday. Dad went crazy. He yelled at us and locked us in our room with no actual dinner and, of course, with no trick or treating. So, we stayed hungry and totally upset until the next day. Since then neither I nor Annie were big fans of Halloween any longer. Dad was not always that bad, but since Annie is 5 years older than me, she would be punished more often. At some point, when she got big enough, she said that wanted to live with my mom permanently and no longer visit our dad. But I couldn’t do the same, and I probably didn’t want to. Days at dad’s house started to be even less fun without Annie. I mean, I had some friends from the neighboring houses there, but I was not supposed to play with them all day long, because dad would say he wanted to spend some time with me. But we'd usually ended up watching sports on TV while he was trying to teach me about different teams and coaches and players and stuff. I can’t say that I was totally unhappy because I still had my dad next to me in my life. Then my dad married Julia. She was not bad, actually, but we barely interacted with each other, because she was pretty busy with all of her trips to the beauty salon, yoga classes, and Zumba dancing. A few months later my dad called me into the room and said that my step-mom was pregnant and that I was going to have a little brother or sister. That was great news for me, because I always wanted to have a younger sibling. I was really excited about that and even promised that I'd take care of the baby when he or she was born. What made me speak up, I still have no idea!? Now, with a new wife and a baby on the way dad was working all day long, even while I was visiting him. That’s when Julia would start to watch me while he was at work. Her pregnancy made her really big, so I had to help her with cooking, dishwashing, house cleaning, and other stuff. At first I thought that it was really hard for her to do all the housework, but then I realized that she was just using me so that she could chat with her friends or read some parenting magazines in her room while I was slaving away downstairs. I tried to complain to my dad about the situation, but he was totally on Julia’s side. He’d even take away my phone so that nothing would disturb me from being her assistant. Things didn’t changed much when my little brother was born. Except that now in addition from cooking, cleaning, shopping, and bringing groceries up the stairs for my step-mom, I also had to babysit my baby brother while she was resting. I literally felt deprived and had zero fun that summer. The final straw came when my dad took me out to eat and invited me to come to live with him and Julia permanently. You know, I can’t say that I was surprised, because a couple of times I remembered Julia telling him that she couldn’t live without my help when I’d go back home. And now, if I lived with them, dad wouldn’t have to pay my mom any child support and he would get free labor. I was confused and promised to think over his suggestion. I just couldn’t refuse him right there, face-to-face, because he’d probably get mad at me and I didn’t want to piss him off. Besides, I got into really deep thought about my little brother and I was afraid that my dad’s bad temper would ruin our times together. So, you know, having to think about all these things was tearing me apart inside. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Cousin Tried To Steal My Life

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED My name’s Kim. Something awful happened to me recently and I really need support and advice from you. It might seem strange what I’m going to tell you right now, but… my life has been stolen. Everything started last summer. My second cousin Karen came to visit us for the first time. It was actually the very first time she had ever left her native tiny town and she was pretty excited about everything. Of course, she stayed at our big house and I was happy to share my room with her. At first everything seemed to be really great! I took Karen everywhere I went and showed her the truly fun life of a city girl. She met all my girlfriends. We taught her how to follow the latest fashion trends, went to the spa together, explained why fast food wasn’t the worse tasting thing ever, and even pushed her to get acquainted with a guy she really liked. I loaned her some clothes and cosmetics so that she looked more like a part of our gang, you know. I was really proud of myself and I saw how extremely happy she was about the rapid change in her appearance. Only, one thing about Karen that annoyed me from the very beginning was that she was too subservient, so to speak. So at some point, my mom began to pit the two of us against each other and always said something like, why wasn't I as helpful as Karen or as kind as Karen and things like that. This happened so much that Karen’s helpfulness had become an annoyance to me. Anyways, that summer ended really fast and Karen went home with tears in her eyes, ‘cause she really didn’t want to leave me, as she’d put it. I was also crying and had promised to miss her, although I was looking forward to having my room back to myself again. We even emailed each other until the end of the summer. Karen sent me a photo of her right after getting a new haircut – she now looked a lot like me and it seemed a little weird, but nice. Virtually nothing seemed to be suspicious. But when the school year was about to start and I returned home from a regular movie and friends night, my mom told me that there was a surprise waiting for me upstairs. It was Karen. I was definitely happy to see her, but I wondered what she was doing here while she had to get prepared for her last year of school. She said that there was another surprise and that she was going to study at my school and in my class, so that we could graduate together. It turned out she liked city life and life with me so much, that she’d practically begged her parents on her knees to let her come back here. I was really happy for her, since I could only imagine how lame life in her tiny little town was. From the very first day of school, Karen tried to follow me everywhere I went and acted pretty much exactly like me. So by the end of the first term, I had started to notice that she was copying my mannerisms, my walk, and my sense of humor and stuff. She was now even eating the same way I was. For example, when she’d first arrived in the city, she would eat everything she wanted, but now she’d begun counting calories just like me, she also stopped eating pork just like me, and she’d even started peeling the skin off of her apples just like I did. So now Karen, this once shy and polite girl, was totally gone. She wasn’t shy anymore, especially hanging out with my friends. And once, a totally outrageous situation happened. I found Karen talking on the phone with somebody setting up a meeting. And when I asked where she was going, especially without me, she said she had to go meet with Emily. My Emily! Behind my back! I couldn’t let her do it. That’s why I decided to ask her directly what she was up to with my friends, adding additional stress to the word “my.” I couldn’t ignore the fact that Karen’s smile became wider. She said that they were also friends of hers and that I was actually the one who introduced them. That’s why now, I shouldn’t be worried about them preferring her over me, unless maybe I thought I was more interesting to hang out with. And then she left. And there I was, standing there in the middle of the room with this feeling deep inside me that I had created a real monster. I stayed at home for the rest of that day trying to think over the situation and figure out some appropriate and strong words, you know, to have a really serious talk with Karen when she came back. She came back pretty soon, and she was not alone. My parents happened to meet her halfway and gave her a ride. You know, when they entered the house everybody seemed really happy and harmonious, so to speak. I had even thought about how well Karen seems to fits into our family, and this thought made me sick. It was impossible for her to replace me, right? Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

I Met My Secret Uncle. Now I Know Why They Hide Him From Me!

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hello, I’m Ryan, and a few months ago, I found out my family’s secret that they had been hiding from me for my entire life. And this secret was... my uncle! You see, my parents are pretty... conservative in almost every way possible. They wouldn’t let me dress like I wanted to or listen to the music I liked. But I would still do it in secret! I would wear something normal in front of them and in school. Then in the evening, when I would get the chance, I would wear something cool, what my parents would call “rebellious,” and go hang out with my friends and attend a concert or something like that. I always wondered WHY I was so different from my entire family, but it turns out I wasn’t the only one! One evening, I went to a small open mic event. You know, anyone could sing or recite poetry or tell jokes. Anything you wanted to do, basically. And imagine my surprise when a man got on stage with a guitar... he was wearing really bright clothing, he had long hair, and earrings... and it was my Dad! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And then, when he started singing, my ears either! He was such a good singer, but it felt like a dream. I went up to him afterward and cautiously asked, “Dad?” He stared at me for five seconds, and his face slowly changed - his eyes widened, and a surprised smile appeared on his face. “Hello, nephew.” Whaaaat? He explained to me that he was my Father’s twin brother, Nicholas, and he was visiting our town for the first time in many years and would be staying for over a month, maybe even two. He was really happy to see me and we talked for a long time. I finally asked him why I didn’t know about him. He was hesitant and decided that it was better for me to not know. Then he gave me his contact information, for if I wanted to hang out with him later. I really wanted to find out the truth, so I decided to ask my Father the next day. But I couldn’t tell him about the concert, so I lied and said that I just saw Nick on the street. Dad got FURIOUS, like RED in the face, and he even clenched his fists. Finally saying, “Never EVER talk to him! Then Dad told me the whole story. Nick was always weird, like he would be “rebellious,” go against their parents' wishes, dress and act however he wanted. It was awkward, because it was like he was talking about me... and then he revealed the true reason why nobody ever talked about him. My uncle stole a large sum of money from my grandparents and ran away, and my Father had NEVER talked to him or seen him since then. I... couldn’t believe it. Or at least I didn’t want to. I felt like my uncle was someone who would understand me, so I wanted to hang out with him again. So the next week I went to the open mic night again, and he was there! He played some music again, and afterward I decided to ask him why he stole that money. He really didn’t want to answer me and he changed the subject. He told me a lot of stories about his life and travels and promised to teach me to play guitar until he had to leave our town again. I really didn’t want him to leave, because at this point it felt like HE was my real Father. After a week or so, I went to the open mic night again, because I really liked that place. We were walking down the street and chatting when my parents’ car arrived. My Father got out of the car, furious. I guess someone had seen us and told my parents. My father started shouting at me and dragged me into the car. Uncle Nick was just standing there, and he was a little bit scared. Then my Dad got really close to him and put his finger on Nick’s chest. He said “Keep away from my family!” As we were leaving, Uncle Nick was looking at us, with a very sad look on his face. I begged my Dad to reconsider, but he wouldn’t listen. Of course they banned me from going anywhere except to school. He also took away my phone and blocked uncle Nick on my Facebook page. He blamed Nick for my “changes” while, in fact, I had been like that for a long time already. My Dad was always angry and barely talked with me, and I felt like it wasn’t fair that they took away everything I liked and what made me “me.” I tried to express that, but my Father would just say “you will NEVER be like him!” When I was in school I tried to contact my Uncle with my friend’s phone, and he said to just leave it alone. I felt disappointed by both my Father and my Uncle. But one evening, someone rang the doorbell while we were eating. Dad opened the door... and it was uncle Nick. Dad started to shout at him and my uncle silently looked at his feet. Finally, when my Dad started to close the door, Uncle Nick loudly said, “I didn’t steal the money.” Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Brother Or Dad Will Go To Jail And I Must Choose Who

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED My name`s Chris. Recently I had to choose between who goes to prison: my dad or my brother. But I`m 13 years old, how can I even make that choice? We lived a normal life, but when I was 10 years old, my mother died, and our family changed a lot. We mourned her for a very long time... Dad was falling apart and couldn't deal with her death, so he started drinking. And then everything went wrong. He was fired from his job and was barely making any money. And almost all the money he did make, he spent on alcohol. It was terrible when he got drunk. His mood was like a roller coaster. At first he would cry, then scream and get angry. Then my brother Bruce took on the role of father in our family. He always protected and cared for me. For three years we struggled with misfortune, but things got better. We talked a lot with my dad, and he started drinking less. Bruce turned 18 and found a good paying job. We had hope for a normal future. But in one night, everything got turned upside down. One day on a weekend, dad got us a surprise. He had bought tickets to a baseball game! Hurray! We were going to spend the day like a normal family. Dad took us to the stadium and we watched the game. Bruce and I were so happy! But it couldn't have been that good. Dad ended up meeting his friends and left us to watch the game with them. We agreed to meet near the car in two hours. But when the game ended, our dad never came. We tried to call him, but he just wouldn't answer. We stood by the car for over an hour and he finally showed up. He could barely stand on his own two feet! Apparently, he had gotten drunk with his friends. It really pissed Bruce off, and ruined his evening. He took dad's keys and said he'd drive us himself. We got in the car and drove off. But dad was aggressive, he kept telling Bruce how to drive, and it was really annoying him. They were fighting and yelling at each other. I didn't want to hear it, so I just closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears. But then it felt like the car jumped, and when I opened my eyes, the last thing I saw was the windshield breaking. When I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I raised my head and saw my brother. He was sitting next to me, covered in scratches and bruises. I was immediately frightened, but he calmed me down. He said everything was fine. We had been in an accident, but we`re lucky because we were almost unharmed. I exhaled. Then I asked where our dad was. Bruce said he was fine, he's just in the other room. But then I remembered their fight and I said, "We crashed because he distracted you, right?." This question made my brother think for a moment. Then he said, "Listen, Chris. The police came... They asked about the accident, and I told them that our father was driving, not me." Then my brother said he might have a problem with it, but that it would be better for all of us if the police thought that my father was driving. Maybe he will be forced to go into rehab or something. There was something strange about this proposal, but I believed my brother and decided to support him. After this conversation, Bruce was relieved. He said we could go home in the morning, and that I needed to sleep. But I couldn't sleep. I was worried I'd have to lie and I tried to calm myself down. I wanted a water, and I couldn't find it in my room, so I went out into the hallway. I have to say, hospital corridors at night look just like they do in horror movies, and you don't expect anything good from them. I kept looking for someone to ask for water, but there was no one around. I walked down the hall to the end, and when I turned the corner, I saw a little girl crying at the entrance to someone's room. I went to her and I wanted to calm her down, but she wouldn't stop crying. I asked her what happened and she said her dad was biking home from work, and he got hit by a car, and now he's in a coma. I figured out that it was us right away. We were the ones who hit him! What's more, my brother was driving, and he's trying to hide it! This changed everything. It was not just an accident, this was a crime, and Bruce was trying to set our father up! Yeah, he's a drunk, and my brother was only driving because of him, but he's not guilty! I ran back to the room and I woke Bruce up. I started yelling, "Bruce, we didn't just have an accident, you hit a man! Dad is going to jail, do you understand? You have to confess everything!" I started arguing with my brother. He said, "You want me to go to jail? I know it's bad, but think about it, who's gonna take care of you? Dad?" Then I said that it didn't matter. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Friends Were With Me For My Money

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★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED This is Britney. She’s a lucky person – she comes from a very wealthy family. But she’s not here to boast. Unfortunately, everyone has their problems, and hers are no less significant than anyone else’s. Her biggest problem is finding friends, and this is the reason why. Britney doesn’t think that she’s arrogant, or a snob, or whatever it is that people think about kids from rich families. Her dad is a very simple person, a self-made-man, and he wants his children to work their own way through life too. That doesn’t mean that they have strict limitations on using money – his belief is that they need to invest their time and effort in studying, and should work like everyone else who is not as lucky as they are. That’s why they have always lived a pretty simple life – not in some mansion, but in an ordinary house. Their dad also insisted that they go to an ordinary school, not some fancy private one. When Britney was a child, she didn’t even notice the difference between herself and other children. They all shared the same studies and hobbies. She’s a very sociable person, so she didn’t have problems finding friends. But when she became a teenager and went to high school, she noticed that things had changed. Everyone was divided into groups and ranks – it was not just one big group of children anymore. She didn’t like the idea of classifying people, but you have to adapt in order to enjoy life. Since she is quite easy-going, she ended up in the “celeb” group. This wasn’t her goal, of course, but she was at a new school and she just wanted to make friends. They came to her and proposed that she hang out with them – why would she say no? They seemed like really nice people. They chatted a lot about designer clothes and gadgets, and all the other things that are trendy nowadays. This was when she found out that they had somehow already learned about who she was and what family she was from – and Britney began to have doubts. She’s not a fool, and she understands that sometimes people can be guided by self-interest when choosing friends. She started watching her new friends attentively. Her dad had taught her that you should always check people out before trusting them, even if she had never been in a situation where she’d been right to mistrust people before. But everything seemed okay. It was quite a large group of people – there were eight of them – and they all had different backgrounds. They were regular people with different personalities – that’s ok then, she thought. They spent a lot of time together, and met outside school as well, and as time passed she didn’t notice any particular interest in her family’s wealth. When things started changing, she didn’t even notice at first. From time to time when they went out, one or two of her friends asked her to pay for their movie tickets or a coffee, and promised to give back the money. They never gave it back, and she thought it was a bit petty to remind them. Then...their ‘appetites’ started growing. Sometimes they asked her to pay for a round of bowling or a coffee for everyone. She didn’t think it was fair, but they were her friends and she thought it was shameful to quarrel over money. Britney became irritated by the situation, and started thinking: “What if they made friends with me only because of my money? What if they don’t even really like me?” At some point, thinking these kinds of thoughts over again and again leads you to paranoia. She wanted to check if they really liked just her money or her. She already had trust issues, and thought that it would be better to be alone than with friends like that. So one day she met up with them and pretended to be all sad, saying that they had financial problems at home – that her dad had lost his business and that he had cut her pocket money drastically. She saw them exchange glances but they didn’t say anything. Everything continued as normal and she had already begun to calm down, but when they decided to go to the cinema, she asked someone to pay for her. “I’m broke”, she said, “sorry guys, I’ll give it back as soon as I can”. They exchanged glances again. Then one of her supposed friends said: “Look, we’re not as rich as you are and we can’t sponsor you, sorry. Maybe it’d be better if you go another time”. That was it. Now she knew! How could she even think that someone could be disinterested in her family’s money! She was staring at their backs as they were walking away feeling so disappointed, and she didn’t notice that Lea was still standing by her side. She asked if Britney needed help. “Do you need to talk? I understand it can be hard”. She offered to pay for her as they went to get a coffee. She thanked Lea from the bottom of her heart, because she had restored her faith in people. They’ve been best friends ever since, and she never went back to the ‘celeb’ group.

My Mom Read My Darkest Secret In My Diary

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hello, everyone, my name`s Emily. Recently I thought that all my misfortunes had ended, until my mother uncovered my darkest secret. Now, I think we`ll never be the same again. A week ago me and my mom moved to our new house. We haven`t even unpacked all the boxes yet, but we already feel happy, because our previous house was a reminder of some dark events in our lives. But the bad things always happen when you least expect them to. I was walking home after school, thinking about home stuff. And when I came in, I saw my mom sitting on the floor, crying. I wanted to ask her what happened, but then I saw my diary in her hands. What the hell! It looks like she opened a box of my stuff and found it. I wanted to explain everything to her, but when she saw me, she ran up to her room, crying. Oh, God! I picked up the diary to see which page my mother had stopped on. To my regret, she had read it all. No way! Mom wasn't supposed to read this. This diary is a collection of rage, hatred, pain, and suffering. I started writing it two years ago, when my little sister was born. Yep, two years ago my mom and dad were the happiest people on Earth because they had another baby. Then our lives had changed completely. I was 12 years old, and my parents thought that I was grown enough, so they focused on my little sister. I don't mean that they forgot about me. No. But they set their priorities – first they took care of the baby, then they spent time with me. But the trouble is that the baby needs attention 24/7! So I was on my own. I tried to put up with it, honestly! I knew that it was necessary, and tried to help my parents at home. But I was a kid, and I didn't have enough patience. I just wanted some attention and care too. I was lonely, so I started writing my diary. If you start reading it, you`ll see how my annoyance grows up into rage. Honestly, I was trying to be a good sister. But it's so hard to take care of a baby! I was so annoyed with her crying. How did I know what she wanted when she was screaming? To eat? Or drink? A diaper change? I don't know! I felt powerless. Her cries lasted forever. And every day I lost love for her. Sometimes I just looked at her and thought, "Why were you even born?" I was forced to babysit her more and more, so I fought with my parents a lot. I didn`t want to do that! I couldn`t stand her! More than that, I hated her. She took my life, and she turned it into a series of screaming and crying episodes. Honestly, sometimes I wished she was dead. I know! It's awful! OK? But it's true, and I feel bad about it. But most of all, I feel shame about the last note in the diary. The day this all happened, I barely talked my parents into letting me go to the movies with my friends. We agreed that my mother would pick me up in the evening. Of course, for this I had to agree to babysit my little sister all day. But it was worth it. So the movie ended, and all my friends had already been picked up and taken home, but my mother still wasn't there. I called her, but she just didn't answer. I stood there for almost half an hour. Then I called my dad to pick me up. But he said he was with the baby and that I should call my mom. Are you kidding me? I was so angry. Did I have to stay there until the morning?! This was the only time in a year that I had asked my parents for something, and it turned into such a problem. I started yelling at my dad, and he said he'd be there soon. But his "soon" was in an hour! When he arrived, I got into the car, and immediately heard a familiar cry. Of course it was my sister. Dad couldn't leave her alone at home, so he took her with him. I was so mad at that moment. We started fighting, and I said, "I'm sick of all of you and your little baby!" Dad was shocked. He turned to me, and he wanted to say something, but then we heard a car horn. We were going to crash into an oncoming car, so dad turned abruptly, and we went off the road and hit a tree. I woke up after the accident at the hospital. My first thought was "Where are my dad and my sister?" I wanted to get up and run to find them, but I couldn't. I felt that it was hard to move my legs. I looked at them, and I was scared right away - both of my legs were in a cast. And immediately I felt a lot of pain. I screamed and suddenly my mother ran into the room and hugged me. Then she started to cry. Mom told me that dad didn't make it. Oh, God. I remembered that I was the one who distracted dad from the road, and that's why we had the accident. I started crying and asked, "What about my little sister?" For two days doctors fought for her life. But she was too weak to survive the accident... It just broke mom's heart. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened

My Dad Stole All The Money I Earned During The Summer

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Hi. I’m Tessa and I'm in a total panic. I've never been in such a complicated situation in my life! I have literally no idea how to process this. I need somebody to help me out, but first I guess you’ll have to hear the whole story. Three months ago I realized that I badly needed a laptop. I live with my parents (I’m an only child) and we have an old desktop computer. It’s like… ancient. It takes me hours to do simple homework, and that’s just one of the problems. So I really needed my own computer. And I was determined to get it. I chose a relatively inexpensive model, and I didn't have any other expectations from the very start. I knew my family was going through hard times, my father was currently between jobs, and what my mom made was enough to just buy food and the necessities. My only option was getting a summer job and buying it myself. It turned out that it's not that easy for a fifteen-year-old to find a job in my hometown. From the very beginning I had a backup option. I have a friend named Laura. Her Mom works as a cleaning lady. She is self-employed: people hire her for a day or two and then come back to find that their place looks better than when it was brand new. During the summer she works together with Laura. And they told me I was welcome to join them. Until the beginning of June, I didn't give them my answer because I was hoping to find something easier and... cleaner. And after I was unsuccessful… I finally said yes. And then the summer that every high school girl dreams of started. There were four of us working: Laura, her mom, her mom’s assistant, and me. We walked into a house or an office in the morning and when we left late in the evening, everything was shining. I guess this was not the best choice for my first job ever: first of all, it was exhausting. All I could do afterward was go home and fall asleep, sometimes even before I reached the bed. But I was determined to achieve my goal. And after all, I learned A LOT. If someone at school asks me where I spent my summer, I might say that I spent it outside of my comfort zone. Laura’s mom would pay everyone at the end of the month, so the plan was to get the money (which was about half of the amount I needed) and estimate how much I had to work the next month to get what I wanted. And when I got the cash, which was even a little more than I expected, I was so happy and proud of myself. It turns out that it feels so good when your hard work pays off. So it was the end of June, and by that time my dad still had not found a job. He had spent these weeks at home, sometimes drinking, sometimes just watching TV and browsing through vacancies online, saying there were no decent jobs in our whole town. My mom was not happy with this, of course, so they would fight every other day. And that’s what was happening the day I got my first paycheck. I got home, so eager to share this feeling with someone. I saw my parents in the living room and, not even thinking about what was going on, I told them about the money I had earned. My dad was a little drunk and furious about their fight, which was obviously about him not making any money, so he argued with me in a pretty aggressive way, saying that for all these years they fed me and payed for me, and that it was probably time to get some of it back. I could not believe that he was saying that, neither could my mom, but... he was always able to be so convincing. He started talking to my mom about the things our family could buy with this money that we could not afford over the last few months, and he was not aggressive with me anymore, he just asked me to “help out the family” with tears in his eyes, and of course… I could not say no. Did I regret it? Yes, every single day of July. In June I only volunteered to work on the big gigs, but now I had to earn almost twice as much. So I started to work with Laura and her mom every time they went on a shift. And it was twice as exhausting. At night I would cry because I felt like I was betrayed. Dad tried to be nice to me, but he never said he was sorry. Just like everything else in life, that July was over too. My hard earned money still brought me satisfaction, but this time I tried to contain my emotions and… I did not tell my parents, well, just in case. The amount was just enough to buy the laptop I wanted, and I would even have some left over! I put the money into a drawer in my room and was finally ready to go buy my laptop the following day. Lying in bed, I was imagining how awesome my last month of summer would be. Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened


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