The NSA is Giving Out It's Hacks for Free! - WAN Show Jan 17, 2020

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For your unrestricted 30 days free trial, go to and enter in “The WAN Show” in the how you heard about us section. Save 15% ...

Why SpaceX Blew Up A Falcon 9 Rocket On Purpose

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SpaceX and NASA on January 19 purposefully blew up a Falcon 9 rocket. The "in-flight abort" test was meant to assess the Crew Dragon escape system.

What is Dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents (DBT)?

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Dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents and young adults (DBT) is a clinical program within the Young Adult and Family Center that targets high risk, ...

NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station

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The High Definition Earth-Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the International Space Station has experienced a loss of data, and ground computers are no longer ...

Crew Dragon Launch Escape Demonstration

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SpaceX is targeting Sunday, January 19 for an in-flight test of Crew Dragon's launch escape capabilities from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA's ...

DreamStation cleaning | Philips | CPAP Therapy Devices

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Cleaning your DreamStation CPap Therapy Device See our stories of how Philips innovations are improving peoples' lives around the world at: ...

Atheroma in the artery

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Find out more at:

What is the Unfolded Protein Response?

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Did you know that a single biological process is related to diseases as diverse as Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer? The process is called the unfolded protein ...

What is Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM)?

411 Views 172 Comments There are thousands of different kinds of proteins ...

How Does a PET Scan Work?

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NIBIB's 60 Seconds of Science explains what is happening in the body when it undergoes an PET scan. A PET scan uses radioactive tracers to create 3D ...

DreamWear Full Face | Intro video | Philips

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Introducing the Philips DreamWear Full Face mask; the face of sleep apnea will never be the same. Philips DreamWear is a radical departure from traditional ...

How Ultrasound Works

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In this second part of our Ultrasound series we look at how the technology behind Ultrasound actually works and how it can 'see' inside your body. Thanks to ...

How to Talk to Aliens

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Are we alone in the universe? Even if we could contact aliens, what would we say? How would we say it? And, most importantly, should we even be trying to ...

DreamWear Gel Pillows Introduction | Philips

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Connect with Philips Online: - Visit Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Website: - Find Philips ...

How umbilical cord blood could save your life

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Cord blood from three different babies saved Chris's life after he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Read his story: ...

Lifestyle Changes May Lengthen Telomeres

117 Views 294 Comments New study shows for the first time that lifestyle ...

Behavior and Belief

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How can a lie become true? In this episode, Dr. Aaron Blaisdell and I create a game show that is actually a giant “human Skinner Box” to observe the formation ...

A Day in the Life in the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program

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From training and caring for patients to celebrating a special bond with a diverse team, find out what life is like as a resident with the Johns Hopkins Department ...

Smartphones are evolving.

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With Xiaomi's Mi Mix Alpha coming soon in 2020, amongst foldable smartphones, 120Hz refresh rates and more, let's take a look at 7 upcoming smartphone ...

Heart Attack at 21, Alexandra’s Grateful for her Memorial Heart Team

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At age 21, Alexandra suffered a heart attack and Memorial physicians discovered an aneurysm in an artery. The multidisciplinary team decided the best ...


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